Monday, September 6, 2010

The Truth About Beauty

Most girls my age are self-conscious, it seems. But what they do not realize is that it does not matter if you are fat or skinny or blonde or bald, it is what is inside that counts. Well, you cannot take a picture of your inside, sorry girls.

The truth is most of them do not even believe their own bullshit. Every morning these same girls stand in the mirror like you and me and everybody else and criticize their bodies.

They poke that belly bump wishing it would flatten out

They try to hide their stretch mark

They spend hundreds of dollars on pro active and tanning salons and manicures and make up and teeth whitener and gym memberships all in an effort to make themselves look like the girls they admire in magazines.

What they do not know is that for every girl that wishes they could be more beautiful, there is another girl walking behind her who wishes she could look like the girl ahead. In other words, while you stand there on that wretched scale theres another girl standing on a scale wishing she could trade you numbers.

The truth is ladies, the body you have is the only one your ever going to get so you better start loving it or your just going to live life hating the only part of yourself you cant fully change. And even if you try to change it in as many ways as you possible, your vanity will never let you be truly happy because you will always be looking at the girl ahead of you wishing you had her ass or her hair.

You do not have to take my advice but the next time you find yourself in front of a mirror poking and prodding yourself, take a few steps back and see your body as a whole. Not the little close-up imperfections, the whole thing all at once.

You are a whole person.

You are not a pimple.
You are not a rippley thigh.
You are not a belly bump.

You are you as a whole, inside and out and THAT is real beauty; not a cleverly angled photo.