Sunday, September 5, 2010

Democracy is a load of shit

The general idea behind democracy is that if everybody has a chance to vote on something, that the people will make the most just choice. Bull shit. That doesn't even work in theory; let alone in practice. Theoretically speaking, if I decide that all red headed guys should be forced to stay indoors (fucking gingers), then people would vote it down. However, what if I created an initiative that ostracized an even less popular demographic than gingers (if such a thing exists). What arbitrary power would shoot that down, even if the majority of people supported it?

Well, in American democracy, the courts....who are democratically elected. So, essentially, the people decide who the people that have the final say in all matters are. They could easily vote for some irrational prick, like themselves.

Besides, why should we trust individuals (who are as self interested as the rest of us) to arbitrate? What's forcing the final authority from acting self interested and inserting his or her own voice into the litigation? None, obviously. Except, of course, for elections--which exacerbates the judges' taking a self interest in cases.

This holds true in practice. For example, Proposition 8. The state of California decided it'd be just to hold a vote to decide if separate but equal was just (which, according to Brown v. Board of Education should be illegal). The people decided that it was just because of a plethora of reasons--many of which boil down to bigotry. The courts notice that the people support separate but equal, and continually rule accordingly. Don't you love it when the justice system is so just?

There is no sense of populism that should be derived from democracy. By consenting to democracy, you are therefore giving up some individual sovereignty. You are saying: "My vote counts as much as yours; thus, you and I have equal say in how I live my life, and upon who governs me." How can you empower the individual by allowing everybody else in the fucking country decide how he or she lives their life?

I honestly don't see the difference between a tyrannical dictator telling me what to do, and 51 percent of people allowing a body of morons to tell me what to do.

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